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When we first built CreditCore®_Consumer our idea was a loan origination solution that was better, easier, and simpler to implement and support than anything else on the market.  Since then, others have had the same idea, but we haven't stopped innovating either.  Use CreditCore®_Consumer standalone, or take your lending to the next level with CreditCore®_WebAppCreditCore®_Small Business, and/or CreditCore®_SBA.

At the core of the CreditCore® product suite family is CreditCore®_Consumer.  


CreditCore®_Consumer Features Overview

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance!

  • Multiple standard Adverse Action Notice formats to choose from, standard FACT compliance notices (Risk Based Pricing or Credit Score Exception Notice), Privacy Notices, Loan Estimate and custom disclosures

  • Ensure timely disclosure and decisioning with text/email notifications as well as time, event and disclosure 'stopwatch' based notifications

  • Data gathering and testing for HMDA, CIP, MLA, HPML, HCML, ATR, QM, and more

  • Granular controls to enforce consistent pricing including the ability to control deviation from your pricing by a little, a lot or none at all rate, amount and term by loan type

  • 'To Do' reminders and checklists by status and loan type to ensure users complete other vital compliance or procedural tasks

  • ADA WCAG 2.0 compliance for the online loan application from your institution's website

  • For a deeper dive into our compliance features click here 


Plug & Play Integrations

  • Core Import

  • Consumer Credit Bureaus

  • LexisNexis

  • Document Preparation Systems

  • Geocoding & Floods

  • Printing & Mailing Vendor

  • DocuSign

  • Auto Valuations

  • And more, check out the full list here

Features & Flexibility

  • Ability to accommodate an unlimited number of unique loan products, credit policy, compliance features, acceptable collateral, users, lending authorities, etc. by state for client partners operating in multiple states

  • Ability to accommodate unlimited borrowers and multiple credit facilities for each individual credit loan request

  • Configurable multi-dimensional pricing matrices available at loan product level for Interest Rate, Loan Amount and Loan Term

  • Configurable policy rule engine to automate institution credit policy

  • Ability to allow for unlimited number and type of collateral on a single loan request

  • Ability to allow for “fixed” and “variable” rate loan structures

  • Unique 'To Do' application checklists configurable by loan product

  • Ability to configure custom disclosures and associate to all or specific loan products

  • Ability to reuse previously pulled credit report within a institution defined time period

  • Ability to configure required fields for the application and pre-document process

  • Ability to reuse previously pulled credit report within a client-defined period

  • Ability to configure institution defined Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) alerts with text and or email alerts to appropriate people or parties

  • Ability to configure client-specific disclosures and associate to all or specific loan products

  • Ability to configure client-specific credit insurance products facilitating quote at time of credit request

  • Ability to configure and maintain client-specific adjustable rate plans

Mobile & Web Facing

  • Accessible through multiple browsers including Safari on desktop and mobile devices

  • Configurable CUSTOMER FACING web application to accept online loan applications from bank customers including electronic delivery of early disclosures to customer and allowing customer to submit notes and documents along with application

Reporting & Dashboard

  • Customizable interactive, analytics-driven user dashboards with “drill-down” capabilities

  • Built-in, simple yet powerful reporting tool

  • Tactical and strategic dashboard offering administratively configurable by user roles/responsibilities

Best in Class Service and Support

Our releases are driven by what our client partners need, not what we think they need.

Cloud Based

Reduce the burden on your IT staff.  Quit waiting for patch releases to fix bugs.  We handle the updates while you sleep, so you don't have to.

Unparalleled Support

We take support very seriously.  But don't take our word for it, read what our clients have to say about our support in their own words below.

Top Security

CreditCore® is hosted in the IBM Cloud environment.  Learn more about their compliance certifications and security here.

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