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5 Things That Make CreditCore the Best Loan Origination Solution on the Market

Contactless, Digital, Online or Web Loan Applications. No matter what term we use, we’re talking about an easy to deploy link (or links) that you hook up to your website so customers can apply for loans from their mobile or desktop devices. With CreditCore, we can offer an unlimited number of them so you don’t have to mix your unsecured term loans, HELOC’s and Business Loans all into one user experience. You can even control how much information you ask for, customize with your logos/colors and, best of all, it’s all controlled within admin which means a quick implementation with no custom development and easy changes on the fly.

All in one. Well, not quite, but as close as you can get without major feature/function sacrifices! CreditCore supports SBA, consumer, small business and indirect lending all in one seamless package. We recommend you focus your search on loan origination solutions that support as many lending verticals as possible without forfeiting any features and functionality. Imagine the savings you can realize by consolidating the administration, training and support of 3+ systems into one cloud based solution!

Easy does it. CreditCore is so easy to use that tellers through CEO’s easily pick it up. This is important so you don’t have to do a ton of training when you implement or have turnover. There are some really great, sophisticated (aka complicated) tools out there, but ultimately you’re sacrificing usability. Change is tough for any user, so it’s best practice to find a loan origination solution with more than enough HP for your FI, but also something that doesn’t require a full time dedicated trainer to support.

Equal opportunity loan apps. We offer an easily deployable ADA WCAG 2.0 compliant overlay for our customer-facing online loan application. Not only does this provide a service for your visually-impaired customers but it can also protect your FI from frivolous lawsuits by money-hungry attorneys.

REFERENCES, REFERENCES, REFERENCES! We provide references up-front…even before a demo if asked. This is because we have happy clients who are ready to talk to prospects at any time. If you ask a loan origination vendor for references (and the earlier the better) and there is a delay, it may mean they are struggling to find someone who will say good things.

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