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2018 Annual Partner Conference Recap

Arlington, Texas – April 13, 2018 – 3530 Technologies wrapped up its third annual partner conference last week in beautiful San Antonio “It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce our inaugural Partner Conference in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas on June 7-8 2016,” said Troy Anderson with 3530. In staying true to its quest to induce positive change within an industry that it feels has grown tired and complacent, 3530 is using the term “Partner Conference” for this and all future conferences. “We feel that the term ‘User Conference’ has taken on a negative perception in the marketplace and furthers the feeling that many have about just being a number with their existing technology providers. Therefore, we’ve adopted the Partner terminology to further publicly demonstrate our passion for building and maintaining a mutually-beneficial relationship with all of our partners.”

Anderson went on to add that there will also be other differences from the typical vendor-held conference: “Our client partners are tired of going to conferences that amount to a profit-center for the vendor. Because of that, we will only be asking our partners to invest a nominal amount to cover minor event costs that other vendors would probably find laughable. Additionally, we will not treat this as a sales event where we’re trying to push product and services on our partners, rather as an educational and relationship-building event with the primary focus on how can we better work together and partners sharing amongst themselves the practices that have had a positive impact on their institution.”


About 3530 Technologies

Founded on the principles and values of focusing on the client partner relationship as well as providing a best-in-class loan origination solution to lending institutions in the U.S., 3530 is the preeminent vendor partner of choice for institutions who are thirsty for positive change.

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