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CreditCore® is the Solution of Choice For Legacy Bank

HURST, Texas – June 23, 2016 – After utilizing its prior loan origination for eight years, Legacy Bank, headquartered in Oklahoma City, realized it was time for a change.

Michael Chaloner, President of Legacy Bank explained why they chose CreditCore™ over other possible vendor partners, “CreditCore™ was our solution of choice as we needed a system that was intuitive and state of the art…CreditCore™ met those requirements.”

Realizing that a powerful, intuitive product is only one component of the vendor/client partner relationship, Chaloner added “3530’s support provides us with immediate solutions as opposed to very slow responses from our previous provider.”

“Having worked with Michael and his team over the years, we were very excited when Legacy Bank became a client partner as they have always provided invaluable insight and guidance to what’s ‘coming next’ in consumer and in-house mortgage lending. Our relationship with client partners like Legacy Bank provide us with a significant advantage over other big-box, out-of-touch, fin-tech providers,” commented Troy Anderson with 3530.


About 3530 Technologies

Founded on the principles and values of focusing on the client partner relationship as well as providing a best-in-class loan origination solution to lending institutions in the U.S., 3530 is the preeminent vendor partner of choice for institutions who are thirsty for positive change.

About Legacy Bank

Established in 1902, Legacy Bank is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK and operates in 11 locations throughout western and Central Oklahoma.

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