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Record Growth for 3530 Technologies

Arlington, Texas – December 18, 2017 – 3530 Technologies, LLC (“3530”) announced today that it will exceed its goals for 2017 by achieving over 150% growth for the year.

“While this is a huge accomplishment for our company and we’ve worked hard to get to this point, we literally could not have achieved this without our incredible client partners,” commented Troy Anderson. “We refer to them as ‘partners’ as they provide us with unique, real-life, insight into how our CreditCore® solution should continue to evolve to meet market and compliance needs, referring us to potential new client partners and always being willing to provide a reference for banks who are interested in learning more about CreditCore® and the support they receive from 3530.”

Anderson went on to add, “We are looking to build upon our success in 2017 with continued growth and product enhancements while maintaining a service level that the big-box vendors simply cannot provide.”



Founded on the principles and values of focusing on the client partner relationship as well as providing a best-in-class loan origination solution to lending institutions in the U.S., 3530 is the preeminent vendor partner of choice for institutions who are thirsty for positive change.

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